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An Excerpt:  The 11th Year of Christopher Arthur McDaniels -  Chapter 11, The Catch:

    …“Hey, McDaniels,” Stephen yells, “How’d you like to play baseball today.  We’re a player short for right field.  How ‘bout it?”  

    Now, let’s back up a minute.  This is another one of those times when you need some background information to understand the impact of what’s going on here.  First of all, Stephen Anderson is just about the best little league baseball player in the universe.  I mean, no kidding, twenty years from now I’ll be watching him on TV playing for the Yankees and I’ll tell everyone that I knew him when he was just a kid.  Now, Stephen Anderson is exactly the kind of kid who never ever would even think of asking me to play baseball unless he was like totally desperate and the world was about to blow up to oblivion and beyond for him to actually ask me to play baseball—and be on his team!  Stuff like this just doesn’t happen, at least to me.  I’m like in shock.

    “I’m taking my sister for a walk in her stroller,” I tell him.  Brilliant!  Like he doesn’t already see this.

   “We’re just playing a short game, five innings.  Why don’t you park her by the fence and you can still keep an eye on her.”

   “Okay, that sounds like a plan,” I say, “but I don’t have a glove.”  

“No problem, you can use my new one.  It isn’t broken in yet, but you can still use it.”  

The thing is, the condition of the glove is meaningless.  For me, I could have a dump truck on my hand and I’d still miss any ball coming at me.  I’m thinkin’ this day is just getting weirder and weirder.   Stephen Anderson wants me to play baseball…on his team…and he’s even going to let me use one of his gloves.  This could be my ticket out of nerdsville.”